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ABOUT PERITUM Pests & Services

Pest Control

PERITUM Pests and service is and expert Pest control and maintenance company, Our Experienced and professional Technicians will Be able to provide you with the help and knowledge to deal with all of your Pest control and Maintenance Needs.


This is a great aspect of our company as it works alongside the pest control to allow for Bird fouling cleaning, post rodent treatments to remove disease risks and general cleaning for windows etc.

MAINTENANCE (Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters)
This also ties in with some of the pest control procedures such as Rodent Proofing, Bird Proofing etc, however as a stand alone we are able to provide general maintenance such gardening, fencing, small repairs etc.


PERITUM Increases services


Peritum Recently increased the services they offer and re branded as PERITUM Pests & Services 

Still a local company with plans to increase the size of the team.

Pot hole and Drive Refurb

Recent Pothole and cracked drive, fixed, Repaired & Sealed all for £0000's Less then a completely new drive.

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Free surveys and recommendations with proposed treatment plans, and reporting for contracts.

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Tell us what you want and we will provide you with a quote for free!

Peritum Pests and Services Logo



From specialist jobs, to contract cleaners, Tell us what you want and we will provide you with a free quote!

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